Tools We Love:

We’ve been in technology public relations a long time and have seen lots of tools of the trade come and go.

One of the tools that is consistently fundamental to just about any PR firm is the media guide. They’ve been around forever and we’ve been around long enough to see them go from printed books to CD-ROMs to online databases.

In general, these media databases have ranged from “acceptable” to “awful” with regard to the accuracy of the information and how well they are kept up to date.

There was always a sense, however, that even the best ones were incomplete, so any good PR flack would carefully make sure to supplement this information with their own personal knowledge, relationships and experience.

A few years ago, one of us – a PR person working in high tech – decided that he would apply his experience as PR person with his experience with working with the incumbent media databases vendors.

Travis Van, founder of, basically said “If I could build a tool that I would want to use, what would it look like?”

Then, he built it.

Our take is simple: TechNews is comprehensive, up-to-date, easy to use and indispensable.

If you are in tech PR and you are not using TechNews, you are not serving your clients the best you can and you are behind your competitors. It’s that good.

We can count on one hand (and maybe one finger) the number of tools that we use that we would go out of our way to endorse. The really, really good ones are so few and far between that when one is worthwhile, it’s worth sharing with colleagues.

And we will fully admit that we might have a bit of a soft spot for the folks at TechNews since they are one of us. But it is that very reason that they could build a tool that is so good and useful to people like us.