Go Get the Kids! It’s Our New Web Site!

Remember when a new web site was big news?

Wait – was it ever big news? I suppose for about 10 minutes in 1994, people cared when a company put up a web site. After that – not so much.

Acknowledging this fact, here we are, announcing our new web site. We realized that Y2K has passed without incident and we figured it was safe to update our online presence without fear of screwing up the code and accidently destroying the world banking system or launching missiles.

No press releases, nary a tweet. Just this blog post, mainly because our web designer wanted us to have a new blog post to go with the new web site. And because we forgot to write something for more than a year.

The fact is, we’re much too busy doing client work and studying ancient Valyrian to spend too much time promoting ourselves. But considering our previous web site was designed before the age of smart phones and for about the cost of a Happy Meal, we thought it was time.

Feel free to take a look. If we can help you and your company, let us know. Or go back to watching cat videos. We’ll be here when you’re ready.