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In 2007, Qumranet was a venture-backed start-up in the white-hot virtualization space.

The Need

Virtualization technology was dominated by VMware. The open source Xen hypervisor was a distant second, with Microsoft’s Hyper-V barely a blip. In this landscape dominated by a single player, Qumranet was looking to establish mindshare for the company and market share for its virtualization products, which were based on the newest technology in virtualization, the Qumranet-invented KVM hypervisor.


Baker Communications Group used its expertise in virtualization and open source technologies to help Qumranet launch the next version of its desktop virtualization product. After the successful launch, we continued to help Qumranet drive thought leadership in the virtualization space. In September 2008, RedHat acquired Qumranet for $107 million.