BCG: Another BCG Client Joins the Exit Parade

We work with great companies. And we would never be so pretentious as to claim credit for a successful exit event. But we are always proud to be part of a team that helped to tell the world about the great stuff our clients do.

Today, another Baker Communications Group client – Neebula – was acquired by ServiceNow in a $100 million all-cash deal. Not too shabby. In a world of seemingly silly app makers and social media fluff-balls selling for questionable valuations, it’s great to see that serious companies doing serious enterprise IT can be rewarded for the work they do.

Our track record is pretty good:

Acquire table

Obviously, these events are bittersweet for us. We’re happy for our clients, but sad to see them go. But that is the nature of doing public relations for technology start-ups.

And we wouldn’t have it any other way.