Monthly Archives: April 2014

Go Get the Kids! It’s Our New Web Site!

Remember when a new web site was big news? Wait – was it ever big news? I suppose for about 10 minutes in 1994, people cared when a company put up a web site. After that – not so much. Acknowledging this fact, here we are, announcing our new web site. We realized that Y2K has passed without incident and we figured it was safe to update our online presence without fear of screwing up the code and accidently destroying the world banking system or launching missiles. No press releases, nary a tweet. Just this blog post, mainly because our … Read More

Making the Client-Agency Model Work

I’ve been at this longer than I care to admit. And, I’ve had experience on both sides – as a client working with PR agencies and at PR agencies working with clients. I like to keep things simple so I’ll describe what I refer to as the “Window-In, Window-Out” model that I believe is the key to making the fragile client-agency model work for both sides. We meet in the middle working together – client representative(s) and agency representative(s). We represent all the others behind our respective windows. Our levels don’t matter if we play our roles properly. As examples, … Read More